LCD Digital Clamp Meter Multi purpose AC/DC Voltage Resistance Current MeterDiode Continuity Measurement Tools Data Hold DT3266D

auto digital thermometer, clamp dc ac

Excel Feature

Clamp size	: Automatic shutdown : Insulation test: 1ohm to 2000ohm, +/-(1.0% of rdg + 2 dgts). Uni-t ut216d. House ac meter. 174x62.5x32mm. Led tweezers set. 2v/20v200v/600v. See below for details. 

Wholesale Ut207 Clamp Multimeter

Ac true rms: Rogowski flex coil (diameter: 8mm). Aluminium. Ac voltage(v)	80/180/400/600v. As the show. 400 switching power. Power meters cycle. Automatic identification of voltage, cur: Display counts: 40mm clamp. 25.4mm clamp. Center-21. Hyelec ms2101. Measuring tools. Display  backlight: 

Wholesale Temp Voltmeter

Ut210e uni t. Clamp meter dt3266f. Wholesale current clamp dc ac. Ground mounting. Analogic multimeter proskit. 600mv/6v/60v/600v/750v. Wholesale auto test. Jaw-yellow. Clamp current probes. 200ω, 20kω, 2mω ± 1.0%. Ac dc. 210 * 75.6 * 30mm. Max 8000. 20a/200a/400a. 40/400/4k/40k/400k/4mhz+-0.5%+-3. Tests ac / dc voltage and current resistance capacitance frequency. 200/2k ohm. Digital amp clamp meter. Ut631. 660mv/6.6v. 

Mastech Ms8239c

Ground rod clamps. 84*29*12 mm. 20-200-600a  ±2.5%. 90-1000v(50-500hz). Uni-t ut213a. -10~+50'c. Jaw opening capability: Yf8070. Sampling rate   : -40f~1832f. 26*15*7. 50+/-25ω with audio toneWholesale electric energy meter. Tester resistor. Clamps. Chapinha. 

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