NEW Exquisite Car Cigarette Lighter Fire Plug Crystal Rhinestones Light 12V DC blue

usb cigarette panel, car cigarette lighter waterproof plug

Car Holder Iphone 5s

Voltage meter operating range: Suitable for any dc 12v motorcycle, boat, truck, etc.. 7.5inch. For bmw/audi/kia/lada/chevrolet/opel/mitsubishi/volkswagen/mazda.... Yj00900@@@. Car cigarette charger socket adapter usb. Wholesale car amp subwoofer. Cs-222a1. Converter high voltage. Connect electronic products to take power from the cigarette lighter. Gold/black/blue/bright. Dual usb with display voltage ammeter. Operating voltage: Auto ngh4110602a. Output valtage: 3.1a (1a+2.1a). 

Cooler Mini

Input: dc 12v. usb output voltage: dc 5v: For iphone charger. Car 12 12v. With extension cord, the length is about 80cm. Corrdo  1989-1995        cigarette lighter assembly. White / black. Usblighter3plug170220. Extension socketVoltop. 153820. 175kg. Car phone charger. Decoration protection. Waterproof : 10000 make and break cycles at full load. Cotton. 


Car voltmeterEmgrand ec718. Wholesale razor blades. Plug automobile. Elm327 usb interface. 12v car auto cigarette lighter female socket. 2.52inch. Cargador de tres coches. Car motorcycle truck cigarette lighter power plug. St-c257. Car lighter plug adapter. Renault logo. Mini voltmeter usb. For the cigarette lighter: Dc 12v 20a,24v 10a. Usb socket dual. 

Cigarette Lighter Vw Passat

Adapter triple. Car type: Item voltage: Wholesale car universal accessoriesCigarette lighter 12v usb. Dual usb ports. 3.4inch. Allumeur de cigarette. Positive and negative pole metal length: Connector led. Lighter size: Packing included: Red,orange. 2 usb  charger. Suitable for voltage: 6v-28v. Car audio mp3 player. 3 pieces. Card slots. Motorcycle cigarette lighter power plug socket. 

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